Flesh Eaters Court vs. Disciples of Tzeentch

23. September 2017

A few days ago Paul and his Flesh Eaters Court army faced my Disciples of Tzeentch army. You can see our armies in the post before this one.

We rolled “Battle for the Pass” as scenario. I won the roll to pick the side and took the one with two arcane landscapes.

Starting to place my first unit, I placed my units around the arcane landscape, securing the mission object in my half. Paul placed his units more stretched out, being able to move straight for the two mission objects in the middle.

Paul had the first turn of battle round one and moved forward. His 9 Crypt Flayers secured the left mission object, while the rest of his army moved on to my lines sacking also the second mission object.

Ending his turn, he scored five victory points.

Starting my turn, the Crypt Flayers had been in range for most of my spells, but the Lord of Change failed his Infernal Gateway spell… So the Tzaangors had to move forward and charge the unit of six Crypt Flayers, flanked by the Tzaangor Enlightend.

Activating the Tzaangors, they hacked down the unit of six Crypt Flayers, facing now the rest of Paul’s army… I was only able to score three victory points, so Paul was leading 5 : 3.

So we rolled who would start battle round two.

Paul won this roll and so his units closed in on the Tzaangors. The Crypt Flayers and the Terrorgheist screamed at the Tzaangors, before they charged in.

Paul picked his 9 Crypt Flayers and smashed half of the Tzaangors… The Tzaangors fought back and slayed a few Crypt Flayers, but I could not cause enough damage to gain advantage. The Terrorgheist stomped the Tzaangor Enlightend – so I had no more close combat units…

Paul scored again 5 victory points, leading now 10 : 3…

Starting my turn, I had to show off some of my magic or get crushed the next battle round… This time the Infernal Gateway opened and took 7 mortal wounds on the Terrorgheist. Taking it out was at high priority now, so he got nuked to death by more magic.

The Tzaangor Skyfires used their ranged attacks to take out one of the Crypt Infernal Courtier, but it proved to be a real problem to bring down an other unit of Crypt Flayers, as I feared what will happen, when Paul would start the next battle round and bringing back models to his Crypt Flayers units…

The Tzaangor Skyfires charged the unit of three Crypt Flayers, but at the end one model was still left…

Having more models around the two mission objects in the middle, I scored now 5 victory points, but Paul was still leading with 10 : 8.

Paul won again the roll and started battle round 3.

Bringing two Crypt Flayers back to his former 3 strong unit, he made a mistake and charged everything on the flank with the Pink Horrors, Tzaangor Skyfires and two Tzaangor Shamans, flying over them to attack in the rear.

They took out the Tzaangor Skyfires, but killing only two Pink Horrors, which I brought back with a roll of one for their Battleshock, was not enough to have more models within 6″ of the mission object. So he scored only one victory point, leading 11 : 8.

On my turn I managed to kill a few more Crypt Flayers, but again not enough to erase a unit so it could not be bolstered  again. And as now there had been only 3 Pink Horrors in range for the mission object, I did not get points and scored 3 points. So we both had 11 : 11 points.

Who ever would win the roll off for battle round four would swing the battle in his favour- which was I this time.

Taking down the unit of three Crypt Flayers (the spell Uncked Mutation went on for a total of 11 mortal wounds…!) who tried last turn to charge my Pink Horrors on the other mission object in the middle, secured that object and I focused the rest of my magic hammering on the remaining Crypt Flayers.

As I had now more models at the mission object, I scored 5 victory points and was leading 11 : 16, and Paul had only 5 Crypt Flayers left, so we decided to end the battle at this point.

  1. It was a nice Match. First time for me (Paul) against Disciples of Tzeentch. There are so many Spells and Range Attacks, i totaly underestimate them.

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