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29. December 2017

When I got one year ago fast internet I started to use YouTube and searched for interesting videos about Age of Sigmar. At the end of March, I found the channel from WargamerOnline and was instantly assured this would the place to stay. Especially their battle reports had taken a shine on me. I signed up for their premium offer (£ 2,99 a month) to support them.
Ever since I watch their battle reports and try to catch as many live shows as possible.

At one point Phil invited me to come over to their Studio and have some games with them. After some planning we decided it would be from 15th to 19th December.

I packed my Disciples of Tzeentch army (beside the Lord of Change all other models got in my two A-Case) and flew via Frankfurt to Birmingham, where Phil picked me up. At home I met Sarah, Jack and Lola and in the evening Rachel and Sam came over and we had dinner together with chat and a lot of happy laughter.

On Saturday morning Sarah, Phil and I went to Leamington Spa, where Phil and I visited the local Games Workshop store. Afterwards we picked Liam up and drove to the studio for the first recorded battle (1.500 points).


Liam had a Nurgle Chaos force lead by Archaon:

Orghotts Daemonspew
10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle
10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle
5 Purid Blightkings
Chaos Gargant


My force looked like this:

Lord of Change (Unchecked Mutation)
Herald of Tzeentch on Disc (Fold Reality)
Tzaangor Shaman (Glimpse the Future)
10 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (Treason of Tzeentch)
30 Tzaangors
6 Tzaangor Skyfires

As the battle report is not published yet, I will not give away who left the battlefield winning, but is was an epic fight.


In the evening Phil, Jack and I met with Rachel and Sam for a pre-birthday dinner where we all talked a lot about the channel, Age of Sigmar and the hobby.

On Sunday Phil, Jack, Sam and I drove up to “invade” Warhammer World to play some games and meet with other people from WargamerOnline. We met there Luke, Amit and Haneef, who came over from the USA.

Phil and Jack played Sylvaneth vs. Flesh-eater Court while Sam and I did two games of Age of Sigmar (1.500 and 1.000 points) where we tested the 1.000 points list for the upcoming Age of Sigmar Doubles Tournament at the end of March. When Luke arrived, he and jack played a game of Warhammer 40K, when Amit arrived and got the start for a Khorne army.

Haanef introduced Phil to Skirmish and later we all played some games of Skirmish, as it is a fast game with just a handful models. If you are interested to start Age of Sigmar but are not sure, try Skirmish. Beside battleshock tests it is the same. You would need only a box of the faction you favor most and start playing.

At the end we all sat down for a drink and had a chat.


As I would play on Monday morning with Steven and his Undead army lead by Nagash, I made some research what I might have to face – as if Nagash was not enough on his own…

His army looked like this:

Tomb Banshee
20 Zombies
20 Zombies
20 Skeleton Warriors
20 Grave Guards


My army was
Lord of Change (Unchecked Mutation)
Herald ot Tzeentch on Disc (Fold Reality)
Herald of Tzeentch (Arcane Transformation)
Tzaangor Shaman (Glimpse the Future)
10 Pink Horrors (Treason of Tzeentch)
10 Pink Horrors (Bolt of Tzeentch)
30 Tzaangors
9 Tzaangor Skyfires


On one of the shows I had talked with Steven, as he had played the weekend before with his Undead army at a tournament – so I should have been warned about the Mourngul…

Back home Phil took some pictures of my army and made some videos for the WargmaerOnline showcases.

Phil and I squeezed in a 1.000 points game with his Sylvaneth led by Durthu.

I am not 100% sure about his army, but if I recall it correctly, it looked like this:

Spirit of Durthu
20 Dryads
10 Spite-Revenants
3 Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows

I had

Tzaangor Shaman (Glimpse the Future)
Herald of Tzeentch on Disc (Fold Reality)
10 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (Treason of Tzeentch)
10 Tzaangors
6 Tzaangor Skyfires

We finished our battle just in time to have some dinner before we started the Monday Musing show, in which we talked about hobby stuff, Age of Sigmar and my Tzeentch army. Here you can find the show.

On my last day Sam and I had our 2.000 points game with his Orruks (against which I played already twice at the Warhammer World).

Gordrakk, The Fist of Gork
Orruk Megaboss
20 Orruk Ardboys
5 Orruk Brutes
5 Orruk Brutes
3 Orruk Gore-Gruntas
3 Orruk Gore-Gruntas
Ironfist Battalion


I had the same army as against Steven.

As soon as the videos are out (and not just for premium members), I will put in the links or make a new post with giving some more thoughts about the battles.

I had a great time, and it was a pleasure to meet Sam and Phil (and Rachel) from the WargamerOnline studio. The games with Liam and Steven had been challenging and I hope the viewers will enjoy the battle reports.

I look already forward for the Age of Sigmar Doubles Tournament, where Sam and I will team up with a Brayherd & Disciples of Tzeentch combo.

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